Welcome to Jan's Page

This is MY personal page. Anything you read or see here should in no way be taken personally (and if you do, well that's your problem). These are my opinions and likes for the moment and are subject to change as the mood hits me. Warning: I make fun of Bachman-Turner Overdrive alot so if you are sensitive to criticism of polyester 70's rock, don't trip on your bellbottoms on the way out. You can click on the link or image to get to a page.

Bitch Page- topics and issues I just feel like complaining about - sometimes I even whine!

Musicals  - I'm working on an entire series of pages about popular musicals. Each page will have a listing of musicals with links to individuals pages dedicated to a particular musical.  Included will be the basic story line, images if available, sound clips, and librettos if available.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

   Music  - Music  I find interesting is listed here with links to artist pages. No 70's stuff! My favorite musician of all time is Mike Oldfield, so if you're tired of the same old music, try it!  I like the 80's and 90's, but find most "Top 40" music boring.

Books - I read predominantly science fiction ans these are titles of things you SHOULD read...