These three books comprise a series written by Kim Stanley Robinson about the colonization of Mars.  FANTASTIC!!  Once I started reading it, I was so caught up in the story and the idea of terraforming Mars that I would forget that it was only a story.  I still catch myself thinking about the Mars colonies as if they really existed. I also think that the political situations that arise in the story are very plausible, as well as many of the social problems. My favorite Greg Bear books.  The last two books listed were re-released in one volume called Songs of Earth and Power and I don't believe you can get them individually anymore.  Blood  Music is about a scientist who's experimentation with white blood cells and their memory/learning capabilities take life in a whole new direction.  The other two novels involve a struggle in which a special piece of music has the power to halt the destruction of our world. These are classics by Sherri S. Tepper.  Her worlds and societies are like no other.  For those of you interested in women's issues, also try the book Gate to Women's Country.  The ending is QUITE satisfying! This series is by Stephen R. Donaldson and no one who has read these books can apply the word dull to them.  Donaldson's characters, as in most of his stories, are in constant turmoil in this series about power, intrigue and the threat from some a really nasty alien race.  You can expect a great deal of action and emotion from this series. There are 5 books to this series.

Julian May's cleverly written series.  The series begins with the Tanu and Firvulag, who lived around the time of early prehistoric man, and ends up in the future with the psychically powerful ReMillard family. Though the series was written over a fairly long period of time, I am amazed at May's ability to tie in details and plots throughout the series.   Books five through eight of the series (Surveillance, MetaConcert, Intervention) I found to be uneventful, almost filler to tie in between the first books and the last.  All in all, a very entertaining and exciting series!

The Sword of Truth series - by Terry Goodkind.  I don't typically read a lot of fantasy, but this one is a must-read.  Great characters, interesting cultures, and lots of really  evil stuff.

The Deathstalker Series - by Simon R. Green.  Exciting space saga!

Conqueror's series - by Timothy Zahn.  The galaxy is becomes enmeshed in a war with a superior race of beings.  Lots of action, wonderful story.

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