I try very hard not to be annoyed by the world around me, but as long as stupidity runs free in the world, I'll keep losing the battle. To protect my family and friends, I decided to maintain this complaint page. So as things continue to honk me off, I'll write about it. Hell, I might even let you write me about what pisses you off.

A lot of things piss me off this week, so...

 This week has been quite nice, but now I'm starting to get worked up because spring break will officially end for me about 11:00pm tommorrow.  That's when I'll get out of bed, stumble around looking for a Pepsi, and take a shower before class.  So I'm not really annoyed about anything this week and I've been out of contact with everything, so I don't have anything to get mad about.  I didn't go anywhere exciting over spring break because quite frankly, no one coughed up the money so I fly somewhere sunny and alcoholic.  I've discovered that sitting in front of my computer (usually wearing my pajamas...sometimes just underwear, but that's another issue) and doing nothing of importance is really what I want to do with my life.   I actually did work on my multimedia projects, but I admit spending a great deal of time playing hearts.  I  have come to HATE "Pauline", "Ben", and "Michele", the imaginary computer players that are a part of the game.  They are evil and plot every time to give me the queen of spades.  I wish I could get a copy of the source code so I could put in some routines that would torture them creatively every time they even THINK of unloading hearts or the queen of spades on me.  Pauline is smug and Ben is a sneaky little twit. I could bet Michele everytime...she's not too clever.  I just hate Michele on the principle that she hangs with Pauline and Ben.  I've been trying to dredge the most out of every spare moment this semester because...because..(sniffle, sob)...I 'm graduating in May and HAVE TO FIND A JOB!!!  I've been spewing resumes out like a geyser this week and it's a bit frightening.  What if  "they" don't like me, or I don't like them? What if  I'm not as good as I think I am?  What do I do if no one calls?  And what do I do if someone does?  Sometimes I think I should just save time and get a job at WalMart.  I know I could pass out shopping carts without running over anyone's toes. Sigh...but I'm too young for that job.  That's why I've been contemplating how to make a career out of sitting in front of my computer.  And sometimes I do JUST sit.  My desk chair has wheels and to break the routine, I often  just spin in circles.  Other times I just click on stuff and then close them right up. When I'm really feeling sluggish, I merely move the mouse around the screen in a random fashion.   So you see, I'm always productive while sitting in front of the computer.  Since I have to get a full time job, maybe I can find a company who has an opening for talented clickers and chair spinners.  I'm also good at stretching my arms over my head which gives the impression that I've been working so long that my arms are locking up.  At the moment I'm wearing my official computer outfit - a velveteen night shirt and long underwear - and the perfect job would require just such a uniform.
      The only problem I have with this dream job is that so far there's been no money involved.  I am definitely getting sick of being poor.  Quite honestly, the gas station near my house is also getting sick of me paying for every purchase with rolls of pennies.  Deep within my soul I know I was meant to have money.  People say that money doesn't buy happiness, but I say if you're going to be miserable, might as well be miserable in Aruba.  I must admit to be a bit materialistic but not about the things most people are.  Cars and homes are fine, but I want to be able to afford my toys - literally.  I wanted to buy all the Mars Attacks! toys but I could only afford the alien commander doll.  I really wanted the space ship, but oh, well.  Of course, I'd rather play with my toys in Aruba (or any tropical island) than in Indiana (oops, did I admit that?).  Since the next installment in the Star Wars series is coming out soon, there will be more toys to buy, and so I suppose I'll have to seriously look for a job. Now if the shock of  knowing I'll have to get a regular job is too much for some of you, contributions are always welcome.  Let's all keep Jan off the streets and in front of her computer where she belongs!

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