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About Myself

Hi, my name is Josh Kelley and I'm form Veedersburg, Indiana.  I attended Fountain Central High School.  I was a sports manager for four years.  I managed three sports each year.  They included football, basketball, and baseball.  My football team won two bi-county championships, two Wabash River Conference championships, and two Class A sectional championships.  My basketball team never managed to come out with any championships, but I still had fun managing the teams. And finally, my baseball team came out with a bi-county championship and a Class AA sectional championship.

I am a third semester student here at ISU.  I am a Management Information System major and a Computer Science minor.  I live in Mills Hall this semester.  I work for the Affirmative Action Office and also for Information Technology.   Over the summer I worked for a land surveying company out of Indianapolis called Land Sciences.  I spent six weeks in Livingston County, Michigan doing GPS work.

My hobbies include collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading science fiction, and watching sports on television.  I like to listen to country, assorted rock, and instrumental music.  I like to work on computers and hope to someday build my own.  


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