Hi!! I guess you would like to know about me or else you won't be reading this, right?? Well, what is there to know about me?? Alright!! My name is Izaiddin Joinnie and I'm currently an undergraduate student in Indiana State University(ISU) majoring in Finance. I came to ISU on January 1996, right after graduating from MARA Institute of Technology(MIT), Malaysia. I'm 24 years old this year and I hope to graduate by December 1997, InsyaALLAH. I'm a Malaysian and I live in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. If you're wondering how does Kuala Lumpur look like, you should visit the Kuala Lumpur Tower. Though, I rarely consider myself as a KLgites but would prefer considering myself as a Sarawakian. I'm partly Sarawakian (Sarawak is an East Malaysian State) since my mom is a Sarawakian. I had my primary education at St.John(1) Primary School, Kuala Lumpur, and continued my secondary education at St.John's Institution, Kuala Lumpur.

After completing my secondary education, I got a placing in MARA Institute of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia, to further my education. I did rather well in MIT Sarawak and enjoyed my college days there. It was also during these period that I was introduced to Perguruan Silat Embun Putih under Guru Mahdi.

This homepage is actually meant as a testsite, before I begin maintaining the official Perguruan Silat Embun Putih homepage. These website will soon have information regarding my Perguruan. Perguruan Silat Embun Putih teaches 19 variations of silat and I've so far learned 4 variations which are, Silat Gamus Rimau, Silat Pukulan 7, Silat Kibau and Silat Betawi Numpang. Currently, I'm learning Silat Cimande with Cikgu Haji, InsyaALLAH, I'll "khatam" before I graduate. Wassalam.

Photo of me