STUDY GUIDE:   EXAM 1 Fall 2000

This exam will consist of 50 multiple choice questions. The questions will cover:
Text (Bradshaw) Chapters 1, 2
Class notes and web notes
Group work: map exercises, etc.
Group presentations: Global Warming, Ozone Hole, El Nino, Culture & Globalization
Video: On the Global Screen
Chapter 1: A New Global Order & Geography

__ Globalization 
__ New World Order 
__ 1st, 2nd, 3rd World countries
__ Post-Cold War political environment
__ Core, periphery, semi-periphery
__ Westernization: causes and effects
__ Geography
__ Inequality
__ Overpopulation vs over-consumption
__ Anthropogenic effects
__ Absolute vs. relative location 
__ Human-environment interaction
__ Global, regional, local scale 
__ World system
__ Growth of the global order
__ Capitalism (also: mercantile capitalism, industrial capitalism)

CHPT 2: Basics of World Regional Geography

__ Latitude and longitude (parallels and meridians)
__ Friction of distance, cost
__ Map scale (small vs large)
__ Spatial analysis, distribution, density, diffusion
__ Demography; global population issues
__ Population pyramid
__ Demographic Transition Model 
__ Centripetal vs centrifugal forces
__ Economic sectors: primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary
__ Sustainable human development
__ Human Development Index (HDI) vs Human Poverty Index (HPI)
__ Multinational corporation
__ Marginalization
__ Dependency theory
__ Dual sectors
__ Culture, race, ethnicity
__ Cultural hearth
Physical geography:
__ Earth's temperature balance
__ Convective rainfall
__ World climates: tropical, midlatitudes, polar
__ Plate tectonics (text, CD-ROM)
__ Weathering, erosion, deposition 
__ Ecosystem
__ Biome: forest, grassland, desert, polar, ocean
__ Human impact on the enviroment
__ Desertification
__ Renewable vs non-renewable resource
__ Thomas Malthus and carrying capacity
__ Landscape

I did not include in this table specific material from the group work. Please remember to review that as well.
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Good Luck!