Taiwan explores the small island off the Asian continent that is one of the world's most dynamic economies, and with a geography that is, at times, simply awesome, and with a geritage for beyond the grasp of most Westerners.
This island has known to the first mainland settlers as Bao Dao(Treasure Islan), to mariners from Portugal as Isia formosa(Beautiful Island), and to modern entrepreneurs and magnates of industry and trade as Taiwan.

Bao Dao-Treasure Island.........

The island of Taiwan straddles the Tropic of Cancer, separated from the ainland Chinese,province of Fujian by the Taiwan strait, 160 kilometers wide at its narrowest point. Taiwan lies 355 kilometers north of the Philippines, and 595 kilometers southwest of Japan's Okinawa.
Taiwan is shaped somewhat like a tobacco leaf, with its tip pointing toward Japan. It stretches 390 Kilometers in length and is about 140 kilometers wide at its broadest point. Its total area of nearly 36,000 spuare kilometers makes Taiwan about the size of Holland.
The central core of Taiwan is a range of forest-fringed mountains-hard rock formation forged from ancient cnturies of volcanic activity. The range bisects the island from notrh to south, covers two-thirds of the island, and is almost impenetrable because of its extreme ruggedness. More than 200 of the island's speaks rise 3,000 meters or more in sltitude. Taiwan's tallest peak is Yu Shan(Mount Jade), at 3,952 meters. Heavy rainfall has deeply scarred its face with gorges and valley.
Climate: Taiwan's weather is subjecto to sudden change. The climate is as diverse as the landscape-semi-tropical in the north and at mountain altitudes, with a touch of snow, and total tropical in the south's flat lands. There are two distinct seasons: hot(May through October) and cool(November through March). Unfortunately, the island's excessive humidity exaggerates these seasonal changes. During the summer, with average temperatures in the north of 35C(95F) and humidity seldom dropping below 75 percent, the entire island seems a giant sauna. Likewise, winter temperatures usually do not fall below 5C(40F), but the dampness can chill the bones.
The most pleasant times of the year are the brief spells of spring and fall, during April and May, and October and November.

When friends visit from afar, Is this not indeed a pleasure?

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