This is the beggining of the Hooter Patrol Page. A page dedicated to the car that has taken me to the ends of the earth.

First off let me explain to you exactly what the Hooter Patrol is.
The Hooter Patrol is my beautiful car, which is a 89 Chevrolet Cavalier. This car has over 200,000 miles on it at this moment. I am currently a senior in college and I obtained this car when I was a junior in High School. When I first got the car I put a couple of stickers on it one of these was a sticker that looked like a nurse and on his hat it says "Hooter Patrol." Some friends of mine noticed this while I've been in college and have since nicknamed my car "The Hooter Patrol."

My intentions with this particular site is to show off this car of extreme beauty. When I finally get pictures posted you will notice that I am using EXTREME sarcasm.
So this is just the beginning of the Hooter Patrol Page!!! I'm sure everyone out there is excited to read this.
Considering maybe only one person will read my page in the next 5 months. Some repairs that have been done to the Hooter Patrol over the years: The Clutch has been replaced A new alternator Vacuum Hose Heat regulator hose has been replaced (The hose that is under the alternator, pain to replace) New Tires (You get 200,000 miles out of a car and you have to replace the tires) Not to mention the brakes, which were less than a quarter inch thick when replaced. Some things that have happened and have not been repaired. Side collision, dad backed into the awesome hooter patrol's door and decided not to fix it. Front side collision, rent a cop at work drove right into the front of the Hooter Patrol while it was stopped.