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Oct. 6, 2000

Well the other day I went to a career fair and from that career fair I received 3 invitations for interviews. Which with all of my work I guess that's doing ok. And now I need to start mailing out resume's to anybody that can read. Things are on the upswing here in the Haute, although the temperature is on the downswing. But things are cool, thats all I have to write about now.
July 29, 2000

The Hooter Patrol Page has been re-added to my list of links above. It doesn't work right now but one day it'll be fixed.
Sorry for any problems anyone may of had but now it's back, I still need to get some pictures of my car to make it a worthwhile page though. But for those of you that know what the Hooter Patrol is you'll start to enjoy this page.