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Who Uses Internet Telephony Communication Methods

Individuals or small businesses

    Individuals or small businesses that want to make Internet calls will need to download an Internet phone software program or obtain an Internet phone device. It will need to be installed in or connected to the device (computer or telephone) that you would like to use to make a call, configured to operate properly, and then you can begin making calls. 

Medium to large sized businesses

    Medium to large sized businesses that would like to utilize the Internet to place and receive calls can utilize the software or hardware applications mentioned above, however, those applications do not always provide the best possible communications quality and typically only allow one user per application to place or receive calls. There are many other Internet communications solutions that are better suited for corporations as they enable corporations to implement Internet communication solutions over a PBX, to voice enable web sites, to use an existing or virtual private IP network to communicate between multiple corporate locations, or even to offer Internet telephone services. These solutions will cost more but the ROI can be expected within a year of implementation.

Individuals and corporations

    Individuals and corporations can also utilize one of the many Internet phone companies (ITSPs) to place calls from a PC or phone to any PC or phone in the world. Using an Internet phone company will enable you to bypass the initial purchase of software or hardware equipment, however, you will have to pay per minute charges associated with phone bills (In almost all cases, you will still save over the major carriers such as AT&T, Sprint or MC