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Mediatrix Telecom, is a developer and manufacturer of advanced IP Telephony software.  Mediatrix launched the APA Softphone, which allowed an analog phone or fax to be connected to the IP network.  Since the APA Softphone, Mediatrix has produced several advanced generations of IP Telephony products, which has established them as a leader in the market. The APA Softphone is a telephony application for Voice over IP (VoIP) that uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to manage the communication and RTP (Realtime Transport Protocol) to transmit the voice. The APA Softphone uses the input and output of your computer's sound card to talk and listen.  

The APA Softphone offers the following calling features:

         Invite another SIP client to talk

         Recall the last called SIP client

         Put and retrieve a call on/off hold

         Terminate a selected call

         Forward an incoming call

         Transfer a call

         Authenticate itself to a SIP server in order to establish a call

MediaRing  is recognized as a leading global provider of Internet Voice Services for both businesses and consumers. MediaRing create and improve business solutions for marketing, ommerce, customer service and business communications. MediaRing Talk enables you to make free international and long distance calls from your PC to any other PC running the same program. MediaRing Talk also calls from your PC to any regular phone worldwide, at a fraction of normal international and long distance call charges. With this free software, you can stay connected on the Internet. Most importantly, you no longer need to worry about costly phone bills and it's power-packed with many useful features, including a phone book, caller ID and integrated text-chat interface.

ECI Telecom  is a world leader in integrated network solutions. ECI Telecom provides leading edge digital telecommunications and data transmission systems to Network Service Providers around the globe.

ECI Telecom's ITX-180 is an IP/PSTN integrated gateway system that can process as many as 240 simultaneous calls. The ITX-180 enables you to transport a full range of services over the IP network. The ITX-180's competitive advantage is its toll quality signal processing. Your customers' traffic is tagged for transport over the IP network via calling cards or dedicated access connections. With an installation time of less than one day, the ITX-180 enables you to begin service immediately.  The ITX-180 authenticates incoming calls from the PSTN and routes them to a far-end ITX-180 unit over the IP network. This way, each call becomes two local toll calls instead of one expensive long distance one. The system also features improved fax traffic capability.

Dialpad Communications has built a scalable Voice over IP platform enabling the company to be the leading global provider of Voice over IP solutions for carriers, businesses and consumers. Dialpad enables analog phones, existing with corporate phone systems and any IP addressable device.  Dialpad's technology has proven its reliability to millions of users. Dailpad offers products such as:

         Dialpadworld, which is the company's international PC-to-phone calling service. The service enables Dialpad customers to make calls to any phone in over 200 countries for a fraction of the cost of traditional long distance calls.  

         DialpadUSA, which is their flat-rate computer-to-phone calling plan designed for customers who mainly call into or within the States. The service enables Dialpad customers to make calls to any phone in the U.S. from anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost of traditional long distance calls.  

         Dialpadaccess, which is the company's IP phone platform that works with existing telephones, and is being introduced to consumers through channel partners such as Level 3, as well as broadband ISPs. By purchasing inexpensive, compatible hardware that plugs easily into their existing broadband service and computer, consumers can enjoy the benefits and low cost of IP telephony through dialpadaccess on the phones they currently use. In addition, this service enable consumers to instantly provision a second phone line as well manage their incoming calls and voice mail with a variety of follow me/find me services.