Jeff's Photo Album

This is me, my wife Missy, my brother Greg, and his girlfriend Billie. This was taken at the hotel room from last year's New Years Eve party.

This is Missy and I on our way to Gary Hawes' famous annual Halloween Party. Obviously, I waited too long to reserve a costume...

Missy... (with a little help from Glamour Shots!)

My REAL girlfriend... Abby! We entered her in a dog beauty contest and this is the photo we used. (I still don't understand how she only got 2 votes!)

Abby again, relaxing on her back...

Here's another picture of "the good girl"

She had 8 puppies last year and here's one of the cute guys...

And another one (aren't they adorable?)

I just HAD to include this cute picture. This is Missy and her cousin Janna. I'd rather be dead than red on the head... :)

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