The Market

Few countries are able to offer as great a variety of tourist options as Brazil. With a land mass the size of a continent - more than 8 million km2 - in terms of area, the nation is fifth in the world. It embraces contrasting ecosystems such as the Amazon Forest and the Atlantic Forest with their incredibly luxuriant woodlands, the Cerrado (scrublands) and the Caatinga (arid lands) with their twisted trees and landscape that changes radically

according to the seasons, the Pantanal (marshland) with its flood plains teeming with an amazingly rich chain of animal reproduction. Divided into five geographical regions - North, North-East, Centre-West, South and South-East. With 170 million inhabitants, Brazil is the sixth most highly populated country in the world. The Portuguese language, spoken by the entire population, helps consolidate one of the country's most distinguishing characteristics - its national unity. Almost 60% of the population is under the age of 30. However, the declining birth rate and increased life expectancy in the last twenty years will bring about a major change in the age distribution of the Brazilian population in years to come. The expectation is that the population will stabilize at the 200 million mark around the year 2020.About 81,2% of the population lives in urban areas. The most populated city is Sao Paulo, with none then 10,0 million inhabitants. Brazil ranked, according to Brazilian Soft Drink Association, the third largest soft drinks market in the world with 170 million people who can chose to quench their thirst from the tropical heat with a wide variety of cooling options. And Coke alone still has about 50% of Brazilís soft drinks market. Other evidence also shows that most Brazilian people, across all ages groups, like the flavor of Coke and ranked Coke as their favorite soft drinks, according to Food Marketing Resources.