The Indian Students' Association, at Indiana State University, currently has around 150 members who hail from all parts of the Indian Subcontinent. One of the many aims of this association is to help new students from the Indian subcontinent to settle down comfortably in a new and alien environment.

       Terre Haute (pronounced - Terra Hote) is located in the state of Indiana - one of the Midwestern states in the United States of America. Terre Haute is 73 miles west of Indianapolis, the state capital and about 200 miles south of Chicago. Terre Haute is accessible from all parts of the country by daily Greyhound bus services. Terre Haute is also called the "Cross roads of America". Terre Haute is also the birth place of the Labor movement in the United States of America.

The Indian Student's Association is one of the many active student associations in the ISU community The association has always keenly participated in the cultural events events in Terre Haute. Till date, ISA has swept the multicultural festival, thrice, in the past six years, where we were placed first in the Booth & Display Categories, and Dance & Entertainment  Categories










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