Arriving at ISU


New students note that there will be pick up from only Indianapolis airport. for a fee of $15 - $20. Please note that during holidays like winter, there are not many students on campus, so there may not be pickups. If you are arriving in December or January, please contact anyone on the committee and fill out the new student arrival form, with all the details regarding date of arrival, flight arrival time, flight number, airline, etc.


New students will have to contact the respective committee members 2 weeks prior to their arrival in the U.S. If you contact the committee late, the is no guarantee someone will pick you up from the airport, you will have to come to university on your own.


Anyone wishing to arrive on campus on there own, can either:

Before arrival:


Once you receive your I-20, please make the necessary arrangements well in advance.

On arrival:


Once you arrive at ISU, the Indian Student Association, will try and accommodate students based on availability of space. This will be temporary accommodation for about a week, after which students have to look for their own accommodation.


Other options are staying at the dormitories, motels, apartments off campus.