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This site contains various projects that I have done for class projects or purely for personal curiousity. There are a large amount of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data visualization software out there (commercial or freeware). My ambition is to create my own GIS visualization tools without using third party software. I use Java as main programing language and an Oracle database in the backend whenever needed.
GIS Data and Spatial Databases
Click to see a larger version click on the image for a larger version As a programmer, understanding GIS data formats is the first step toward building an efficient visualization application. These data come in a variety of formats and it is almost impossible to comprehend all of them. Beside, some of the commercial GIS vendor are not willing to release the documentation about their their data format. One of the hottest topics in the GIS community is data interoperability i.e how to use geospatial data without the restriction imposed by its format. The Open Geospatial consortium (OGC) is leading the way for the development of standards for spatial data (see their website for more information).
The second step is to be able to store the data for faster retrieval, processing, and display. This step very important when dealing with huge data. The last couple years, Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) have decided to introduce spatial data as part of their agenda. Most of my database work is done with oracle even though PostGres might do the job.
Here is a screenshot of an application that store polygons into the database.
Email me if you want to try it and see how it works.
Oregon Soils Spatial Database
Here is an example of statsgo data files stored in Oracle. The data contained in the different DBF files were loaded in Oracle using my java utility DBF2OracleDB. If you need to use it just drop me an e-mail. I am developing a page that will display the relational tables in html format. The project is at early stage but you can check it out here. It doesn't do much as I need to work on the javascripts that will make it easy to understand. The page is better viewed with Internet Explorer. Just click on a row in a table to see the relationship with attributes in a different table. Please check back later.


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