Scripts I've Written

These are some scripts I've written over the years to help with various little administrative and programming tasks.

BTree This is a bash script that prints a depth indented tree that is colorized like my C tree program. Written for fun, it only supports a few options.
Busy This is a simple script to show you how busy your cluster is and some uptime information.
Requires dsh (and a cluster.)

Lpacct Lpacct is a postscript printer accounting filter that allows you to setup print quotas for a shared printer.
Requires lprng, ghostscript, enscript and a postscript printer.

Make-ca This is a script I use in configuring STARTTLS on a server running sendmail. Run this in /etc/mail/certs and it will create a Certificate Authority Certficate, and a cert for use by sendmail, and sign it with the created CA. The end result are the files host.key and host.cert, and ca/ca.pem which you use to setup the STARTTLS in your and files.
Requires openssl (and sendmail.)

Your files should then have the following options set:
O CACertPath=/etc/mail/certs
O CACertFile=/etc/mail/certs/ca/ca.pem
O ServerCertFile=/etc/mail/certs/host.cert
O ServerKeyFile=/etc/mail/certs/host.key
O ClientCertFile=/etc/mail/certs/host.cert
O ClientKeyFile=/etc/mail/certs/host.key

mk This is a very simple script that makes it easier to compile a one file C program.

Mon Mon is a script I've used to monitor (ping) servers and send me a beeper message and e-mail alert when one or more of them is down. There are probably better programs than this, but it has served me well over the years.
Requires uucp (for the cu program), a modem and a beeper if you wish to use the beeper function.

Oracle This is an ask the oracle game. Based off a really old BSD game I once played.