Programs I've Written

Below is a listing of programs that I've released to the Linux and Open Source communities (thus far).

Clam Clam is a toy language that I briefly worked on in 2000-2001 over a period of about 4 months for fun and sometimes look at when I'm in the mood. The general concept is to replace bash for scripting since I do not like Perl at all and do so in a more C like manner.
SAC System ACcounting. Sac is a system administration utility, based on the original BSD ac program, to read the wtmp log and produce more human readable system usage information than provided by last. Several features not found in the BSD version of this program have been added.
Tree Tree is a recursive directory listing program that produces a depth indented listing of files, which is colorized ala dircolors.

Smaller projects I've done:

Diskhogs Diskhogs is a utility to show at a glance system disk usage and also to track usage over time. Diskhogs is still very much a work in progress.
Quot Quot is a Linux version of the quot program found on other Unices. It is something like a cross between diskhogs and du.

Some very simple/fun(*) programs:

Ascii Ascii is a simple program to print out the ascii table in either decimal, octal or hex as well as the VT100 alternate character set. Slightly better to use than 'man ascii'.
Hex Hex prints a hex dump of a file or stdin if no filename is supplied. Basically the same as 'hexdump -C'.
Memspeed Memspeed attempts to benchmark the speed of your system memory by allocating a given block of memory and reading/writing to it using several different methods. Not super-accurate, but quickly gives a reasonable idea of your memory performance.
Scat Scat stands for 'slow cat'. Basically 'cats' the file or stdin to the screen at a specified number of bits per second, as if you were using a modem or slow serial connection.
Suck Suck clears the screen in a fun way by "sucking" everything into the middle of the screen.
*(Many of these were written many many moons ago, so aren't exactly paragons of programming perfection)

I continue to support these programs, so if you have any comments, suggestions, bug reports, fixes, etc, please mail me at:

ice (at)

Projects I'm Working On

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