Wedge Antilles

 Species: Human
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Brown
 Eye color: Green
 Height: 1.7 meters
 Home world: Corellia
 Weapon: Blaster pistol
 Vehicle: X-wing
 Profession: Alliance pilot
 Personality: Laid back, dedicated, level headed, thrill seeking
 Force: None

 A hot shot X-wing pilot for the Rebel Alliance, Wedge entered the Rebellion at the tender age of sixteen.  He proved to be one of the best pilots in the force and flew as Luke Skywalker's wingman in the Battle of Yavin.  He repeatedly turned down promotion after promotion to remain with Rogue Squadron, the elite X-wing group.  He flew a snowspeeder in the Battle of Hoth and an X-wing in the Battle of Endor, destroying the power regulator of the Death Star.  A close friend to Luke, Leia and an Han, he has accompanied them on many missions.  After being assigned as her bodyguard, Wedge fell in love with the weapons designer Qui Xux and and has yet to marry her.

 Famous quotes:
  Look at the size of that thing!
 Played by Denis Lawson