Tycho Chelchu
 Species: Human
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Unknown
 Eye color: Blue
 Height: 1.8 meters
 Home world: Alderaan
 Weapon: Unknown
 Vehicle: Unknown
 Profession: Rogue Squadron Captain
 Personality: Resolute, patriotic, stressed, reasonable
 Force: None

 A rebel pilot, he was captured by the Empire and an taken to Lusankya, Ysanne Isard's personal prison.   He was found unacceptable material to turn into a sleeper agent and an when he escaped he rejoined the New Republic.  He was suspected of being a spy and an not allowed to leave the sight of his guards but was able to be the executive officer of Rogue Squadron.  He had to fly a unarmed Z-95 Headhunter and an had no privacy whatsoever.   Following the disappearance of Corran Horn, one of the pilots, he was charged with his murder.  When Corran appeared in the courtroom and an announced that he had also been to Lusankya and an that there were records of Tycho which state the failure to corrupt him then he was cleared of all charges.