Ponda Baba
 Species: Aqualish
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Black
 Eye color: Black
 Height: 1.85 meters
 Homeworld: Ando
 Weapon: Chrome blaster
 Vehicle: Unknown
 Profession: Con artist
 Personality: Confrontational, rough, greedy
 Force: None

 An associate of the mad Dr. Evason, Ponda Babba assisted him in his schemes.  During a run in with Obi-wan Kenobi at the Mos Eisley Cantina he lost his arm.  Evason preformed an experiment to transport Ponda's essence into a Aqualish dignitary in an attempt to regain his lost limb.   The experiment was a success but it transferred the dignitary instead, very angry at having an inferior body and outraged at the Doctor because of his illegal experiments.