Lando Calrissian
 Species: Human
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Black
 Eye color: Brown
 Height: 1.77 meters
 Home world: Unknown
 Weapon: Hold-out blaster
 Vehicle: Lady Luck
 Profession: Alliance General, gambler
 Personality: Cocky, streetwise, friendly, open, risk-taker, and businessman
 Force: None

 A gambler and con artist, Lando began his career when he won the Millenium Falcon in a sabacc game and flew it into several adventures.  He then met Han Solo who won the Falcon from him in a card game.  The two became good friends but Han Lando became caught up in a project on Bespin and they separated.  Years later Lando betrayed Han and his friends but made amends for it later.  He became a general in the Rebel Alliance and flew the Falcon during the Battle of Endor, destroying the Death Star.   Afterwards he became interested in several profitable ventures, all of which ended in disaster.  Eventually he started a spice mining operation on Kessel with Mara Jade, who fascinated him greatly.  After that proved to be a dead end, he began looking for a rich and beautiful wife, thinking that he would get rich that way.  He did, in fact, find a woman he was genuinely in love with, Tendra Risant.  He had to leave her and gets caught up in an adventure in the Corellian sector after which he met up with her again.  They made plans to get married, although it is unlikely that Lando will ever settle down completely.

 Famous quotes:
  She's the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!
  Why you slimy, double crossing, no good swindler.  You got a lot of guts  coming here, after what you pulled.
  Yeah, I'm responsible, that's the price you pay for being successful.

 Played by Billy Dee Williams