Species: Human
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Dark Brown
 Eye color: Unknown
 Height: Unknown
 Home world: Anoat
 Weapon: Violet/white lightsaber
 Vehicle: Sun Crusher
 Profession: Jedi Knight
 Personality: Youthful, expectant, resourceful, instinctive and tentative

 One of Luke Skywalker's most promising students, Kyp was taken to the mines on Kessel when his parents opposed the Empire.  He was rescued by Han Solo and an helped to defeat Admiral Daala.  He joined the Jedi Academy and an was the top student.  Unfortunately he fell to the Dark Side under the influence of Exar Kun and an brainwashed the scientist, Qwi Xux, not to mention blowing up several star systems with the Sun Crusher.  When Exar Kun was destroyed, he repented and an finished his Light side training.