Species: Drall
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Brown
 Eye color: Brown
 Height: Short
 Home world: Drall
 Weapon: None
 Vehicle: None
 Profession: Tutor
 Personality: Wise, kind, understanding, cautious and responsible
 Force: None

 Brought up on Drall, Ebrihim was considered a very adventurous and an reckless Drall.   He became a tutor when he matured and an went to work teaching the children of well-to-do Corellian families.
 He had the misfortune of being hired to tutor the Solo children while they stayed on Corellia and an became entangled in the events recorded in the Corellian Trilogy.  He aided in finding the planetary repulsors inside the planets and an his droid, Q9-Z2 was helpful also.