Species: Human
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Unknown
 Eye color: Unknown
 Height: 1.8 meters
 Homeworld: Unknown
 Weapon: Blaster rifle, concussion grenades, vibroblade
 Vehicle: Unknown
 Profession: Bounty hunter
 Personality: Rough, hateful, fearful, tortured, manipulated, but hopeful

 An assassin who was ‘modified' by Imperial scientists who removed most of his emotions, leaving only hope and anger.  Turning his career toward bounty hunting, he became known as "Payback" and was greatly feared by Imperials, who he especially enjoyed dispatching.
 When he met a woman named Manaroo, he rediscovered his humanity through her culture's mind linking technology.  Resolving to marry her, they were just escaping from Jabba's palace when they discovered Bobba Fett injured and naked dying near the sarlacc pit.  They rescued him and went off to get hitched.