Species: Human
 Sex: Female
 Hair color: Copper
 Eye color: Green
 Height: Unknown
 Homeworld: Unknown
 Weapon: Blaster pistol
 Vehicle: Gorgon
 Profession: Imperial officer
 Personality: Determined, vengeful and ambitious

 She got her start at the training camp on Carida.  Unprompted because she was female, she anonymously made strategic breakthroughs for the Empire.  When discovered by Grand Moff Tarkin, she was promoted to Admiral and assigned to guard Maw Installation.
 Stuck there for years, when she finally emerged, she wrecked havoc on the world of Calimari and other planets.  Eventually defeated, she was presumed dead until her reappearance a short time later.
 She assumed command of the Imperial forces and attempted to unify the warlords.  Defeated again, she died in battle and gave command of Imperial forces to Vice Admiral Palleon.