Captain Astarta
 Species: Human
 Sex: Female
 Hair color: Dark red
 Eye color: Dark blue
 Height: Tall
 Homeworld: Terephon
 Weapon: Blaster
 Vehicle: Hapan Battle Dragon
 Profession: Bodyguard
 Personality: Loyal, serious, intimidating
 Force: None

 Captain Astarta is Prince Isolder's head bodyguard.  She is exquisitely beautiful as is normal for her race.  She loves Isolder and is devoted to him till her death, and that makes her the perfect guard, but she knows that she can never have him and is content to be his friend and guardian.  When Isolder traveled to Dathomir she was left in charge of his Hapan battle dragon and fought well against warlord Zinjz's fleet until relief arrived ten days later from Isolder's mother.  She continues to accompany the Prince as he rears his daughter, Tarana Ki.