Species: Wookiee
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Brown
 Eye color: Blue
 Height: 2.28 meters
 Home world: Kashyyyk
 Weapon: Bowcaster
 Vehicle: Millenium Falcon
 Profession: Alliance copilot
 Personality: Prone to anger, resourceful, mechanical, loyal, intimidating
 Force: None

 Famed co-pilot of Han Solo, he grew up on the jungle world of Kashyyyk.  He has a wife and family there but when Imperials made him a slave worker he was saved by Han Solo and accompanies him everywhere because of his life debt.
 He coplioted the Millenium Falcon with Han through many adventures with other smugglers.  During those years he collected quite a bounty on his fur.  After joining the Rebellion he made friends with Luke, Leia and many other soon-to-be-legends.  His strength and intimidating height made him very helpful in some instances.
 Now heavily involved with the New Republic, he helps to care for the Solo children and occasionally runs off with Han and an the Falcon to find trouble.  He visits his family as often as possible and his nephew, Lowbacca is a trainee at the Jedi academy.

 Played by Peter Mayhew