Species: Human
 Sex: Female
 Hair color: Brown/blond
 Eye color: Gray
 Height: Medium
 Home world: Chad
 Weapon: Lightsaber
 Vehicle: Unknown
 Profession: Old Republic Jedi
 Personality: Depressed, friendly, and loving
 Force: Strong

 A Jedi Knight from the oceans of Chad, she trained aboard the Chu'unthor.  In an effort to stop the dreadnaught Eye of Palpatine from destroying a Jedi sanctuary, she downloaded herself into the ship's computer and stayed there for thirty years.  When Luke Skywalker came aboard she helped him to stop the ship and was transferred into the body of Luke's student Cray Mingla.  In the process she lost he powers in the Force and was forced to leave Luke, who she had fallen deeply in love with, and seek the key to finding her powers by herself.