Species: Human
 Sex: Male
 Hair color: Unknown
 Eye color: Unknown
 Height: Medium
 Homeworld: Unknown
 Weapon: Lightsaber (red blade)
 Profession: Imperial agent
 Personality: Cold, calculating, open minded
 Force: Strong

 An imperial agent who infiltrated the Jedi Academy and was discovered by Master Skywalker.  Luke attempted to turn him from the dark side but Brakiss refused the Jedi's offer of peace.  He escaped to the Empire.
 He confronted Skywalker once again at a droid manufacturing plant and once again refused to turn from his evil ways.  He then started to train Jedi at the Shadow Academy as its master teacher.  His prize student was a boy from Coruscant named Zekk.  He trained Zekk to embrace all aspects of the Force and to use hate as his most powerful weapon.  During the attack on the Jedi Academy, Brakiss dueled with Luke once more and his lightsaber was neatly clipped off at the hilt, leaving him unharmed.  Brakiss would not surrender, however, and used his jet pack to escape to his personal shuttle.  He returned to the Shadow Academy and demanded to speak to the Emporer.  When he opened the Emporer's isolation chamber he found a red cloaked guard sitting there.  He realized that the reappearance of the Emporer had been a hoax and that the guards must have the self destruct sequence for the station.  But he realized all of that too late.