Admiral Ackbar
 Species: Mon Calamari
 Sex: Male 
 Hair color: None
 Eye color: Orange
 Height: 1.8 meters
 Home world: Mon Calamari
 Weapon: Unknown
 Vehicle: Mon Cal MC80 star cruiser
 Profession: Alliance Officer
 Personality: Serious, dedicated, loyal, and cautious
 Force: None

 Born and raised on Calamari, Ackbar was abducted by the Imperials and made a servant to Grand Moff Tarkin.  For years he overheard Tarkin's plans and strategies until he was rescued by a Rebel attack force.  He entered the Alliance and his knowledge of battle tactics got him promoted to Admiral.  He serves the New Republic faithfully.  Only once has he shirked his duty, when he crashed into the Cathedral of the Winds on Vortex and resigned, only to return to duty shortly thereafter.  He now serves the New Republic as the head of the New Republic Armed Forces.

 Played by Tim Rose