The Holonet:
A Star Wars Database
Welcome to the Holonet, a source for all that you need to know about the
Star Wars Universe.
This page is currently being designed and created, so be patient while I try as hard as I can to get it up and running.  It may be a while, so bear with me.  You can see some of the features here and more will be added as time and creativity allow.   Not many of the links are fully functioning now, but new pages are being added every day.   - Sara Phillips
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The Holonet was designed to give fans easy access to information and news.
The Pictures section is a selection of every visual resource not found in other locations here.  I havn't gotten all of them loaded yet, so I can't open the link.
The Encyclopedia is the heart of our little endevour, with character profiles, info. on technology, planets and folklore.  The Humor part includes top ten lists and Star Wars related jokes.
Comments is where I keep any messeges from fellow Star Wars fans.  It is not functioning yet, sorry.
The Surveys let you take quizes of varying difficulty, respond to questions and where you can enter your own messeges.
Finally, Prequel News is where I post all the latest gossip on what George is doing with the newest movies.