Joe Shepherd takes us inside of the stadium
Joe shows a great Panoramic view of Sold-Out ND Stadium

Here is the seating arrangement for the new Notre Dame Stadium

Seating Chart for Notre Dame Stadium

Gold sections are the "Preferred Seating" The handicapped areas are located in the blue sections.

Notes on the new Stadium:
Capacity- 80,012
(Adjusted from 80,225 computer projected seating)

Material- 240,000 concrete blocks, 700,000 new bricks, 500 cubic yards of mortar, 25,000 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete, 5 miles of new handrails and guardrails and 8.5 miles of redwood seating. More than 3,500 sheets of drawings were used. Eleven new openings, for a total of 31, were cut into the old stadium brick exterior to allow fans to connect the old and new lower concourse areas. All existing rest rooms were refinished. The lettering at the north and south canopy as well as the interlocking ND logo at the top of the press box west face are gold laminate. Previously the 40th largest college stadium at 59,075, Notre Dame Stadium now ranks 15th in the country in size. The University of Notre Dame finished eighth nationally in attendance among the 111 NCAA Division I-A football-playing institutions in 1997.

Ticket Allotment Old New
Students (approx.) 11,000 11,000
Faculty/Staff 4,000 7,000
Opponents 5,000 5,000
Season Tickets 16,000 16,000
University (approx.) 7,000 9,000
Contributing Alumni 16,000 32,000

View the Stadium Cam at Notre Dame