The South Bend Tribune ND Page For daily updates, and a comprehensive view of the Fighting Irish this is a page to check out.

USA Today USA Today's Online site for Notre Dame Coverage

Irish Sports Report This is the FREE Online Version of the Irish Sports Report of which I am a devoted subscriber. The Hard Copy subscription for one year (22 issues) is $35.95, 2 year (44 issues) is $65.95 and three years (66 issues) is $92.95. You can subscribe online or call 1-800-457-3533.

BGI This is an online and hardcopy newspaper dedicated to Notre Dame. The on-line version is run on a yearly subscription basis, the cost is between $50 and $100 depending on what you want. A one-year subscription to the hard copy is $37.95 for 20 issues.

Irish Eyes This is an online news service dedicated to Notre Dame. It runs on an annual subscription rate of between $70 and $100.


The Sporting News Notre Dame's site on "The Sporting News" Webpages.

The Detroit Free Press Notre Dame's site on "The FREEP's" Webpage.

Irish Recruiting Journal Articles Page Comprehensive coverage of articles from around the country about ND and their opponents.

The Nando Net Sports Server


Notre Dame on NBC As the Blurb states, this is NBC's Notre Dame page usually more active during Football Season, and since they have extended their contract through 2005, it should be around for awhile.

CBS Sportsline College Football Insider.

ABC Sports

Fox Sports Notre Dame Notebook

CNN's College Football on Notre Dame Once again, this is CNN's Notre Dame page, for up to date info on the Irish Football Season

ESPN College Football Index Page This is ESPN'S SPORTZONE, for up to date info on all College Sports