My Likes


I have many distinguished likes in various fields, let me list them one 

after the other in alphabetical order


Actor No particular interest
Actress Sridevi
Chocolate     Dairy Milk
Color Black, Blue & White 
Dance Kuchipudi
Director Mani Ratnam.
Dress  Salwar Kameez
Female singer Chitra, Falguni Pathak, Janaki 
Film  Any movie which takes me away from the  real world
Flower All flowers especially Rose.
Food South Indian Stuff  
Fruit  All fruits but bored with banana
Fun time Going out with family members or friends
Language Telugu
Ice cream  Butter Scotch 
Male singer Ghantasala, Kishore Kumar, Rafi and Udit Narayan.
Music Melodious, old filmi songs
Number  3
Pass time Listening to music
Place Italy 
Quality in people Frankness and Sincerity
Song Many!!(space is not sufficient)
Sun signs Cancer & Leo 
My Collection  My links (