His Training

The Phoenix rises
It was not surprising, that having taken the first step, he wished to excel.He revelled in the challenge of proving himself against better opposition.The competition in the sector matches were intense. At this stage his family began to encourage him, particularly his brother Bushan, who was three years elder to kapil. At fourteen kapil was playing for DAV school and college. There was only one descent cricket ground in Chandigarh, the Chandigarh Cricket Club and only one accredited coach, Mr.D.P.Azad. Kapil was also coached by him.He would finish school at 1:30 p.m, race home on his bicycle, be home at 1:50, gulp his lunch down and set out for the cricket ground at 2:15. He would be at the cricket ground at by 2:40 p.m. In june the temperature scorches at 40 degrees Celcius and this fourteen year old would be luxuriating under noisy fans and dreaming behind tightly closed eyes. When kapil was 15, he was invited along with 24 other talented young boys to attend a live-in coaching camp in Bombay. The camp was at the Cricket Club of India run by Hemu Adhikari, an ex-test cricketer.The details of running the camp were the responsibility of Mr.Tarapore. The practice sessions were conducted in hot and humid conditions and without a break for 3 hours. No water, no respite. The first day the youngsters sat down to lunch was an epic movement in Kapil's development. Lunch was 2 dry chappatis and a spoonful of vegetables. This is how kapil reacted to this situation.

"I am from the north. I work hard and bowl fast. I am hungry when i finish.I could eat a horse and they give me 2 chappatis."

Worse was to follow. Mr.Tarapore stormed upto kapil and asked if kapil didn't like the food that was given. Kapil replied

" No sir. I am a fast bowler and i need more nourishment."

Mr.Tarapore sarcastically passed a comment that there are no fast bowlers in India.

" Holding back my tears, I then resolved to be the best and fastest bowler India had ever seen. This man still owes me an apology."

At the age of 17 kapil went on to play for Haryana and was determined to spearhead the Indian bowling attack.