Gavaskar & Kapil

Differences of Opinion

From Kapil's autobiography:

Sunil Gavaskar has never given me the same kind of support playing under me that I gave him when I was playing under him. I remember saying to him at a team meeting when I was the captain: 'I also expect runs from you.' To which his reply was: 'If you don't think I am good enough then you can drop me.' This was an arrogant attitude. Grossly unfair. I have always felt Sunil has played under my captaincy on sufferance. All I can say is that: ' Sunny you can't have your cake and eat it too.' He doesn't have the responsibility of captaincy but he shouldn't forget the responsibility he has to his team and to his country.

Sunil was never a players captain. He was his own man. He was always polite and helpful but he distanced himself. He is proud and fiercely competitive but more for himself and his batting than for the team. Maybe I am over reacting but then I have always been a spontaneous person and believe in calling a spade a spade. I have played under Sunil and have always given my 100%. I had a successful season in the World Championship of Cricket in Australia in 1985. I have always played to win and attack at every opportunity. I 'll always do so whether I am the captain or not. I try to win for the team. The only difference is that when you are the captain then you have to take the good with the bad. My shoulders are broad and my chin is strong. Nobody can question my will to win--for India, for myself.