Concluding Lines


The name spells magic
The people's champion has been a symbol of the hopes and aspirations of millions and millions of his countrymen.His discipline as a bowler has stood out in all his career. Indian pace bowlers may have felt like retiring to Siberia when pressed to bowl on flat pitches in a hot climate. Also, as they toil under a harsh sun, the spinners are already turning their arms over and the newball, too, is treated with disdain by the fielders. This lad from Chandigarh was always different. By the sheer force of his labour he comes through as a pleasant people's champion. There is a basic simplicity of the man which the adoring public must particularly like. Kapil's down-to-earth attitude makes him a hero of a lesser advantaged nation whose population sees a beau ideal in such heroism in a greater cause. He performs not for himself but for millions. Though Kapil Dev decided to call it a day after 434 wickets and over 5000 runs in test cricket, he is still remembered by millions of cricket fans all over the world. This homepage is a tribute to the accomplishment of a genuine allrounder - The Haryana Hurricane, who has always put the team cause before his own interests.