Steps in burning process
First insert the CD in the CD Writer.
Now go to Start > Programs > Adaptec Easy CD Creator > Easy CD Creator
A window shown below appears.

CD's are mainly of two categories. Data CD and Audio CD. The explanation for both types is explained in the image itself. Make the appropriate selection and select Next> button. Now you move  to a window shown below .

Select the files to be saved on to the CD from the drives given in the Window. After selecting the files select the Add Now button and then select Next> button. The nextwindow to appear looks like this.

Here select the "Perform the test" radio button and then select the Next> button to test if the entire system is fast enough to keep up with the writing process. After the test is performed you will see a window which looks like this.

Now if you are ready to create the CD select "Create CD now" or else select "Create CD later".  Now select Finish and you are ready with the CD. The CD creation process takes some time.