Burning a CD
It is not possible to maintain records or files in the hard disc of the computer or to maintain in the web space every time.We will be in a need to back up the data.In that case saving the files into a CD. A CD is an advanced device than a floppy which gives more memory space and better security. Generally a CD has memory space ranging from 700 to 800 MB. This solves the problem of storing the important files.Storing the files in the web space can also be avoided which also avoids the downloading time. People don't need to have a internet connection to access that CD. As it is a compact disc it is easy to carry. It's easy to keep a single CD instead of keeping bundles of papers. Files kept in a computer can be destroyed by virus or made corrupt. If the computer breaks down or gets any trouble the files in the computer may be lost. Backing them into a CD is a better method to save them. The material stored in the CD can also be made write protected. The process of saving files into a CD is called burning or writing a CD. The process is explained here with help of some nice screen captures. The tutorial is divided into two sections to make it easy to understand.
 Before Getting started
Steps in burning process