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Andrew Raul BarnsteinHagertyIV

Picture from left to right: myself, BLong (roommate), and Jarah (girlfriend)
This picture was taken at my roommate’s 21st birthday.

 Personal Background:
    I come from a long line of sheepherders.  I was raised in a small cave with wolves.  When I was 4, my parents were killed in a horrible berry gathering expedition, and I was forced to find work with the carnival.  At the tender age of 32 I decided to follow my dream and become a professional wrestler.  I changed my name to Charlemane the Carney, and I was the intercontinental champion 3 years running.

    I am a double major in both MIS and QDS. I will be graduating in May and moving to Indy.  I believe that “Senioritis” has begun to set in, along with a little bit of gangrene.  It only hurts a little bit.  I am looking forward to making some money and not being broke all of the time.  The only thing that I think will happen is that I will just become more in dept…I guess that is the American dream.

     I enjoy reading, hiking, and destroying my liver with ample quantities of alcohol.  I have also been known to burn a few couches in my day.

Favorite Web Sites:

I hope that you have enjoyed my web site…it was my first of many to come.
Just remember…"If a man is not willing to die for something, he is not truly living."
       Martin Luther King