MBA 610
Tentative Assignment Schedule
Subject to change

Date Topic Assignments

Introduction to course, instructor, requirements. Ice Breaker,

Overview of strategic management - four tests of effective strategy, Review case study methodology

Complete student background form, assign project teams, Introduce concepts of firm performance

What is performance; the relationship of performance to strategy; measures of performance. Read Handguns at Wal-Mart case.

(as for all classes, bring a calculator to class). Team project assignments.

Read Grant chapter 1, Review the Wal-Mart case, prepare a written response to case: Who are the stakeholders? What do they desire? How do their desires conflict?


1/27 The I/O model of competitiveness, Turning concepts into tools, workshop on measuring environmental and competitive change, Thai Silk case. Read Grant Chapter 3, Read Munter Chapter 5. Prepare an outline answer on an overhead to questions 1-2, or 3-4, or 5-6 (assigned in class). Case: Thai Silk

Intra-industry Analysis: Segmentation, strategic groups and competitive appraisal. Business communication with Prof. Sandra Nelson.

Information search strategies-library research.

Read Grant Chapter 4, Read Munter Chapter 6.

Analyzing resources and capabilities

The resource based model of the firm. Situation and resource analysis. Value chains, Competitive strength assessment, Strategic issue management

Case: Outback Steakhouse (H)

Read Grant Chapter 5, read case. Library scavenger hunt on Outback Steakhouse: 1 recent article from a trade publication; 1 article from the business press; 1 article from the general press; 1 reference review from an industry study. Review Outbackís resources, as a team, update your resource list based on you new data.



Part II. Business Strategies

Competitive strategies (basis-direction-method); generic strategies;

Review for Exam:

Read Grant Chapter 6
2/24 Midterm Exam  



Written Communication workshop

Exam Feedback

Read Munter chapters 2 and 3



3/10 Spring Break  
3/17 Cost Advantage, experience curve, sources of cost advantage; process reengineering . Internet search strategies. Case: Columbia HCA

Read Chapter 7 in Grant, read the Columbia HCA case, prepare an answer of the discussion questions: What are the sources of Columbiaís cost advantage? Could a local hospital compete with Columbia through process reengineering?


3/24 Differentiation advantage; bases of differentiation; sustained advantage; Case: Polaroid and the family imaging market

Read Grant chapter 8 and case. Answer: Is Polaroidís new project consistent with their strategy? Defend your answer?


3/31 Competitive advantage and Industry evolution

Read Grant Chapter 9




Competitive advantage in mature industries

Case: Western Region Network Television

Read Grant Chapter 11.

Completely analyze the case.


Global Industries

International business information sources

Case study: Russ Wayne Equipment: Joint Venture in Russia

Read Grant Chapter 13, Read case, prepare answers to discussion set.
4/21 Written projects due. Prepare a 20-25 minute presentation to introduce the class to your assessment tools.  

Final class session, project presentations, course evaluations, strategy making process

prep for final exam. 

Skim Grant chapter 1


5/5 Final Exam  

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