Management 610 - Project Guide

In Depth Comprehensive Case Analysis

The semester project is to develop an in-depth strategic profile of a large firm. The profile will consist of a detailed written company analysis including an update on the companyís current strategic position. The class will be divided into teams of two to three students.

You may choose one of the following three case studies as a basis for your semester project:

Columbia HCA

Project scope
The project requires you to select and apply strategic management models to the analysis of an actual firm. Your will be evaluated on the appropriate selection and use of models.

The project should include the following sections:

Your report must be submitted both in writing and on diskette (IBM Microsoft Word or Word Perfect).

Project evaluation and grading

Your analysis will be graded using 5 criteria (not equally weighted):

Project management:

Typical milestones in a project of this nature include (there may be several other ways to accomplish this project):

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