Collin Gayde
623 Second Ave. · Terre Haute, In 47807 · Phone: (812) 232-7063

Young motivated Information Technology professional, with strengths in communication, leadership, and problem solving.  Works well in a team and individual environments and is able to deal with diverse personalities.  Very thorough and detailed in projects both big and small.

Professional Experience

General Housewares Corp.,  Terre Haute, IN
Jan. 2000 to July 2000
Computer Help Desk Consultant
· Identified and resolved hardware and software problems on networked workstations.
· Identified and resolved network printing problems on workstations and servers.
· Upgraded workstations running Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0
· Migrated 296 Exchange mailboxes to a new server, organization and site using Microsoft Server Migration Wizard.

Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN
Computer Help Desk Analyst
· Speak with users over the phone to consider the problem
· Diagnosed and resolved problems over the phone.
· Update Help Desk database. (Action Request Remedy)

 Software Expertise
Operating Systems 
   · Windows 95/98 · Windows NT 4.0
   · Windows 2000 Professional  · RedHat Linux 6.x
Office Suites
   · Microsoft Office 97 Professional · Microsoft Office 2000 Premium
E-mail Clients
   · GroupWise 5.5 · Outlook 97/98/2000
   · Outlook Express 4/5 · Pegasus Mail 2.x
   · Netscape Messenger 4.x · Eudora
Graphics Packages
   · Adobe Photoshop 4/5.x · Macromedia Fireworks 2/3
HTML Packages
   · Microsoft Frontpage 98/2000 · Macromedia Dreamweaver 2/3
   · Netscape Composer · HTML Programming
Internet Applications
   · Internet Explorer 4.x/5.x  · Netscape Communicator 4.x
   · CuteFTP 2+ · WS_FTP
   · Telnet


Education and Certifications
Indiana State University 1997 - Present
Major: Computer Science
· GPA: 3.2
· Data Communications (TCP/IP and Networking Essentials).
· Software Engineering (Software life development).
· Data Structures (Data storage systems, structures, allocation and collection).
· Structure Design (Structure programming, top-down design, using C/C++).
· Logic (Resolution, Semantic Tableau, and Natural Deduction).
· Web Administration (HTML, JavaScript (client), VBScript (server), and ASP).
· Unix/Linux Administration (Install, network, troubleshoot Red Hat and Caldera Linux.  Install and setup X-Windows    and Samba).

Brainbench Certified Professional
Computer Related
· Computer Technician
· Windows 95 Administrator
· Windows 95 Power User
· Windows 98 Administrator
· HTML Programmer

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