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Richard Conrad

Web Architect, Platform & Productivity Engineer

Northern Virginia (Washington, DC metro)

Supporting web UI engineering at scale. Infrastructure, tooling, libraries, and more to help engineers be more productive and get **** done. Maintainability, performance, security, accessibility.
LinkedIn | Microsoft • May 2019—present • Mountain View, CA
Staff SWE, UI
Flagship Infrastructure and Productivity (Web)
  • Optimizing front-end development tooling and workflows in high-velocity projects
  • IDE (VS Code) extensions for code authoring productivity enhancements
  • CLIs for commit-time and build-time validations
  • Assistance onboarding flagship application to containerized Remote Development environments
  • Build speed investigations and automated tooling to detect performance regressions
  • Test execution infrastructure for CI (in-repo isolated addon testing)
  • Data layer advocacy/support, GraphQL linting and best practices enforcement
  • Node, TypeScript, bash
StubHub | eBay • October 2017—May 2019 • San Francisco, CA
Member of Technical Staff 2
Bullet (Web UI platform)
  • CI/CD pipeline for npm publishing, Node app builds and blue/green deployments using PaaS for on-prem and public clouds
  • Represented needs/requirements of Node app in Eng-wide modernization journey
  • App-layer changes for in networking/infrastructure, proxying of API requests, and deployments serving search crawlers for SEO
  • Caching/sessions, logging, API authentication middlewares for Node app supporting React SSR
  • Concourse, Docker, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Akamai, Artifactory / Xray, SonarQube, Seeker, Splunk, AppDynamics, Lerna
  • Localization tooling for automating zip-based l10n tickets (legacy UI stack)
Responsys | Oracle • November 2010—September 2017 • San Bruno, CA
Senior Principal SWE ← Principal SWE ← Senior SWE
Responsys Interact
  • Led global UI team (15-20 developers) in technical issues including design reviews, coordination, etc.
  • Diagnosed and resolved UI performance issues, especially fixes for caching and compression
  • Optimized front-end resources (JSP, CSS, JS, HTTP, Ajax) and design
  • Owned front-end support for CDN and strategy for static resource URLs
  • Rewrote Program Designer (visual workflow editor UI) from scratch using Ext JS and mxGraph, and on-the-fly XML transformation for opening existing programs in new UI without disrupting customers
  • Created/owned/improved key pieces of core UI framework including foundation layer
  • Led Ext JS 3.x upgrade to 6.x including MVC-based app organization and Ant-based build logic for processing front end resources
  • Established/documented/advocated coding standards and best practices for JS and SASS
  • Designed/built wizard-based single-page "Connect 2.0" app for configuring data import/export jobs
  • Built modernized content picker widget and integrated it into legacy UI
  • Owned web.xml and servlet filters for multiple UI apps, especially common request processing for session management and security
  • Standardized request processing with Spring MVC, common error handling and formats
  • Planned/designed I18N support (messages, dates, etc.) including implementation for handling localized text
  • Led compliance and evangelism of accessibility standards (WAI-ARIA, WCAG 2.0 AA) and some JAWS testing
  • Developed reusable solutions to prevent security vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, open redirects, path traversal, etc) and served as security point-of-contact (advocate) for UI layer
  • Led efforts with UX team to establish internal style guide for standard components
  • Worked with Operations team to update/maintain error pages, favicons, Apache and Tomcat configurations
Purisma | Dun and Bradstreet • August 2006—November 2010 • San Mateo, CA
Senior SWE
Purisma Data Hub
  • Web apps for data stewardship, operations, reporting in IE 6/7 and Firefox
  • Java, Struts, GWT, AJAX, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, JBoss, Hibernate, Oracle, Velocity
  • Implemented/owned drag/drop, multi-select, context menus, dialogs, etc.
  • Improved home-grown UI widgets (tree, menus, grid, nested table) implemented in raw JS
  • Heavy emphasis on performance and usability
  • Business logic and UI-layer APIs to support client
  • Integration with third-party JSAP library for CLI command parsing
  • Automated multi-user load testing in clustered environment (WebLoad)
  • Helped build thick client prototype in Swing and support for infinite scrolling
Candeo Technologies • April 2005—August 2006 • Los Angeles, CA
Senior SWE
Candeo Extension Platform (1 yr)
  • C/C++ client development in Visual Studio using Win32 APIs, COM, ATL, GDI
  • Customizable IE search toolbar (BHO) with pop-up blocker and JavaScript engine
Candeo Advertising Module (4 mo)
  • Integration with third party APIs for ad serving and software sales
  • Significant contributions to NSIS installer scripts
IBM • June 2000—April 2005 • Research Triangle Park, NC
Staff SWE ← Software Engineer
z/OS Managed System Infrastructure for Setup (20 mo)
  • Developed Java/Swing components for configuration of z/OS TCP/IP
  • Significant cross-site collaboration (New York, Germany)
Simple Network Management Protocol (20 mo)
  • Learned SNMP and z/OS implementation (C)
  • Enhanced client and server with IPv6 support in config files and protocol communications
  • Improved code organization, created internal documentation ("product workbook")
  • Enhanced TCP/IP subagent with new enterprise-specific IPv6 MIB data
  • Developed utility to generate header files based on open-source libsmi library
Server Application State Protocol (8 mo)
  • Implemented protocol message parsing engine in C for multithreaded Unix apps on z/OS as part of "crit sit" for large customer
WebSphere Portal Document Management (10 mo)
  • UI improvements, build verification, performance enhancements for J2EE / Struts based web apps (JSP, servlets, JavaScript, HTML, Eclipse)
Indiana State University • summer 1996 • Terre Haute, IN
Construction Technology Transfer Center
  • Built CTTC website (HTML, CSS)
Alphabet Soup
ES2015+, Node, TypeScript, Git, Ext JS, HTML, SASS/CSS, Java/JSP, Spring MVC, C/C++, XML, bash
California Institute of Technology, September 1996—June 2000
B.S. Engineering & Applied Science (Computer Science)