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Richard Conrad

Web Architect, Platform & Productivity Engineer

San Francisco Bay Area

All things front end at scale. Supporting large teams of front end developers. Infrastructure, tooling, libraries, and more, for building engaging UIs on the web. Modularity / maintainability in code organization and best practices. Non-functional requirements (performance, security, accessibility).
LinkedIn • May 2019—present • Mountain View, CA
Staff SWE, UI
Flagship Productivity Engineering (Web)
  • Optimizing front-end development tooling and workflows
  • VS Code extensions for code authoring productivity enhancements
  • CLIs for commit-time and build-time validations
  • Node, bash, TypeScript
StubHub | eBay • October 2017—May 2019 • San Francisco, CA
Member of Technical Staff 2
Bullet (Web UI platform)
  • CI/CD pipeline for npm publishing, Node app builds and blue/green deployments using PaaS for on-prem and public clouds
  • Represented needs/requirements of Node app in Eng-wide modernization journey
  • App-layer changes for more networking/infrastructure, e.g. proxying API requests, and bot deployment for SEO
  • Caching/sessions, logging, API authentication middlewares for Node app supporting React SSR
  • Concourse, Docker, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Akamai, Artifactory / Xray, SonarQube, Seeker, Splunk, AppDynamics, Lerna
  • Localization tooling for automating zip-based l10n tickets (legacy UI stack)
Responsys | Oracle • November 2010—September 2017 • San Bruno, CA
Senior Principal SWE ← Principal SWE ← Senior SWE
Responsys Interact
  • Led global UI team (15-20 developers) in technical issues including design reviews, coordination, etc.
  • Diagnosed and resolved UI performance issues, especially fixes for caching and compression
  • Optimized front-end resources (JSP, CSS, JS, HTTP, Ajax) and design
  • Owned front-end support for CDN and strategy for static resource URLs
  • Rewrote Program Designer (visual workflow editor UI) from scratch using Ext JS and mxGraph, and on-the-fly XML transformation for opening existing programs in new UI without disrupting customers
  • Created/owned/improved key pieces of core UI framework including foundation layer
  • Led upgrade efforts from Ext JS 3.x to 4.x and 6.x including Ant-based build logic for processing front end resources
  • Established/documented/advocated coding standards and best practices for JS and SASS
  • Designed/built wizard-based single-page "Connect 2.0" app for configuring data import/export jobs
  • Owned web.xml and servlet filters for multiple UI apps, especially common request processing for session management and security
  • Standardized request processing with Spring MVC, common error handling and formats
  • Planned/designed I18N support (messages, dates, etc.) including implementation for handling localized text
  • Led compliance and evangelism of accessibility standards (WAI-ARIA, WCAG 2.0 AA) and some JAWS testing
  • Developed reusable solutions to prevent security vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, open redirects, path traversal, etc) and served as security point-of-contact (advocate) for UI layer
  • Led efforts with UX team to establish internal style guide for standard components
  • Worked with Operations team to update/maintain error pages, favicons, Apache and Tomcat configurations
Purisma | Dun and Bradstreet • August 2006—November 2010 • San Mateo, CA
Senior SWE
Purisma Data Hub
  • Web apps for data stewardship, operations, reporting in IE 6/7 and Firefox
  • Java, Struts, GWT, AJAX, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, JBoss, Hibernate, Oracle, Velocity
  • Implemented/owned drag/drop, multi-select, context menus, dialogs, etc.
  • Improved home-grown UI widgets (tree, menus, grid, nested table) implemented in raw JS
  • Heavy emphasis on performance and usability
  • Business logic and UI-layer APIs to support client
  • Integration with third-party JSAP library for CLI command parsing
  • Automated multi-user load testing in clustered environment (WebLoad)
  • Helped build thick client prototype in Swing and support for infinite scrolling
Candeo Technologies • April 2005—August 2006 • Los Angeles, CA
Senior SWE
Candeo Extension Platform (1 yr)
  • C/C++ client development in Visual Studio using Win32 APIs, COM, ATL, GDI
  • Customizable IE search toolbar (BHO) with pop-up blocker and JavaScript engine
Candeo Advertising Module (4 mo)
  • Integration with third party APIs for ad serving and software sales
  • Significant contributions to NSIS installer scripts
IBM • June 2000—April 2005 • Research Triangle Park, NC
Staff SWE ← Software Engineer
z/OS Managed System Infrastructure for Setup (20 mo)
  • Developed Java/Swing components for configuration of z/OS TCP/IP
  • Significant cross-site collaboration (New York, Germany)
Simple Network Management Protocol (20 mo)
  • Learned SNMP and z/OS implementation (C)
  • Enhanced client and server with IPv6 support in config files and protocol communications
  • Improved code organization, created internal documentation ("product workbook")
  • Enhanced TCP/IP subagent with new enterprise-specific IPv6 MIB data
  • Developed utility to generate header files based on open-source libsmi library
Server Application State Protocol (8 mo)
  • Implemented protocol message parsing engine in C for multithreaded Unix apps on z/OS as part of "crit sit" for large customer
WebSphere Portal Document Management (10 mo)
  • UI improvements, build verification, performance enhancements for J2EE / Struts based web apps (JSP, servlets, JavaScript, HTML, Eclipse)
Indiana State University • summer 1996 • Terre Haute, IN
Construction Technology Transfer Center
  • Built CTTC website (HTML, CSS)
Alphabet Soup
ES2015+, Node/npm/yarn, Git, React, Ext JS, HTML, SASS/CSS, Java/JSP, Spring MVC, C/C++, XML, bash, Rust
California Institute of Technology, September 1996—June 2000
B.S. Engineering & Applied Science (Computer Science)