A Tribute to Gerry


In Memory of our mother

who cared in so many ways.


She joined God

December 1998


Gerry Routt Gettinger


Quietly gliding,
Gentle as a mouse;

Working, cooking,
Cleaning the house.


Stopping only at
Night for a little rest;

As a mom she was
One of the best.


She could listen,
She could love;

And her hugs were
Gentle as a dove.


She was real. One of
God's creative artists.

With gardens, flowers, crafts,
She worked the hardest.


Unselfish to the end,
Content not to be seen;

A true human being,
Caring and clean.


Her joy was to help
Others be happy;

I'm so glad she
Married my pappy!


poem & page by Glenn Gettinger

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