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Everywhere I Have Worked


Farm Work ---------- Everett, Pennsylvania
     tilling, planting, animal care, weeding, harvesting, berry picking, maple syrup

House Building / Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Masonry, Plastering, Painting, Carpentry, Roofing

Western Auto ------ Retail Sales, Stocking & Repairs

Howard Johnson's Restaurant ------ Dish Washing, Stock Room, Counter, Cashier

Alpo Dog Food (canning factory) ---- warehouse forklift, meat prep line, bone grinder, barrel roller, unloading trucks, every position in production/canning

Doane College ---- Telephone PBX, Math Dept. Tutor, Night Security, Van driver

Lewis & Clark State Park Ministry Director ---- campground ministry

Cedarberg Farms ---- truck farm field work & worker management

University of Chicago Maintenance Department ---- construction & repair

Hyde Park Union Church ---- Youth Minister

Blue Gargoyle Home for Girls ---- Maintenance & Instruction

Chicago Theological Seminary ---- Head Resident of Married Student Housing

University Church, Chicago ---- Maintenance Engineer & Building Repair

First United Church of Christ, Clay City, IN ---- Pastor

Buel Home Construction ---- Carpenter

Illinois Conference UCC, Wabash Association ---- Conference Staff

Faith Community UCC, Vernon Hills ---- Pastor

Heritage United Church of Christ, Odessa, WA ---- Pastor
.... (elected to the Odessa School Board of Directors)

St. Paul United Church of Christ, Staunton, IL ---- Pastor

Motel & Solar Heating maintenance ---- Scottsdale, AZ

Telemarketing ---- Tempe, AZ

Adult Reading Instruction (GRE) ---- Lincoln Land CC / Hillsboro School Dist.

Self-Employed Computer Consultant & Problem Solver

Farm Work with my Dad at Merom, hardwood lumbering

ISU ---- Graduate Assistant/Fellowship: Web Course Development, Assistant Web Master, teaching and other fun stuff.

Other things through the years: Marriage Counseling, Job Counseling, Job Training, Grant Writing, Crisis Counseling, Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Teaching, Grief Counseling, .......