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Places Where I Have Lived

Born: Chicago, Illinois         (near Lake Michigan)

Pleasant Valley, Indiana      (near South Bend)

Everett, Pennsylvania          (2 hours north of Washington D.C.)

Oxford, England, UK          (briefly one summer)

Crete, Nebraska                   (half hour south east of Lincoln)

Yankton, South Dakota       (a whole summer in a camper)

Cedarberg, Wisconson      (a month as a sharecropper)

Chicago, Illinois                   (University of Chicago Campus)

Clay City, Indiana               (half hour south east of Terre Haute)

Sumner, Illinois                   (one hour south of Terre Haute)

Libertyville, Illinois            (one hour north of Chicago)

Ho, Ghana, West Africa     (briefly in the bush Missionary Trip)

Vernon Hills, Illinois          (five minutes south of Libertyville)

Odessa, Washington       (one & half hours west of Spokane)

Staunton, Illinois            (half hour north east of St. Louis)

Scottsdale, Arizona        (northeast of Phoenix)

Mesa, Arizona                (southeast of Phoenix)

Hillsboro, Illinois           (southeast of Springfield)

Danville, Illinois             (one hour north of Terre Haute)

Taylorville, Illinois        (norteast of Springfield)

Merom, Indiana             (half hour south of Terre Haute)

Terre Haute, Indiana    (four hours south of Chicago)