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Welcome to this section of my web site!  

Use these pages and the links to the left to learn more about me.

Download my resume as a WORD.DOCument ... here

Values & Goals:

Simply to be who I am. Striving to be real, an authentic human being, aware of God's Light and Love within me, aware of my emotions, and connected to the Light and Love in all those around me.  This includes helping others to discover their own inner Light and enabling them to communicate effectively with others

Every day is a new and unique journey to become real. I spend some of my time

in front of my computer
working on projects
consulting and developing concepts
as a learning guide for students and mentoring
walking or swimming
playing my guitar
encouraging the health and spiritual well-being of those around me -- Seeking to help others to become real.

A brief resume ...  

  BS 1974 [Math / Psychology / Education minor]
  M.Div. 1978 [Communications / Biblical Studies / Pastoral Counseling]
  20 years as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ.
  Programming &working on the Internet since 1981 (now using my 16th personal computer)
  Certificates in Computer Programming, Computer Technology, and Computer Applications in 1996
  Started graduate studies in Electronics & Computer Technology at ISU in 1998
  Started the ISU Consortium Ph.D. Technology Management program in 1999, specializing in Digital Communications
  See links for other Interests & Skills


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