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I have been working with Personal Computers since 1981.  I started small with the Radio Shack Color Computers.  After learning to program for business and family pleasure on all their models, I then moved up to the Atari business computers for my office and publishing needs.  [Which, in my humble opinion, were faster and better than the MAC's and the sluggish PC's of the time.  Too bad for the computing world that their opperating system didn't become the standard.]  In fact, it wasn't until the mid 90's that I moved relunctantly into the PC world of programming, not because the computers were better, but because it was clearly the current standard being used in business.  I guess I have the same love/hate relationship with "Windows" that most programmers have.  It's hard to believe that I am now working at my 17th personal computer and already wanting to upgrade ;-)

Computer Specific Skills:

Computer Programming

Basic, RPG, dBase IV, COBAL, C, C++,
Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, HTML, CGI, Director Lingo

Computer Systems & Networking

Windows, NT, TCP/IP, Networking, Data Communications,
System Development, System Analysis, Web Management

Computer Applications

dBase IV, Lotus 123, Word Perfect, MS Word, MS Office,  Excell,  Access,  Power Point, Electronic Workbench,  Paint Shop Pro 5, Adobe Photo Shop 5.0, Adobe Illustrator, MGI Photo Suite, AutoCad, Adobe Page Mill 3.0, MS Front Page 4.0, Corell Draw8, OCR, Scanning software, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Adeptic CD, CuteFTP, Creative MIDI & sound programs, Macromedia Director, Adobe Premiere, Animation, MIDI & other Video Programs, mIRC, ICQ, Netmeeting, Web Folders, and other communication programs.


Computer Equipment: I have access to most of the computer labs on campus (T1 Internet connection) but I do most of my work at home connected via an ADSL modem.

At Home I Use: a Desktop PC -- 300MHz AMD K6-2 3Dcpu(MMX), 128 RAM, 24Gb HD,
win95/NT dual boot, ATI All-In-Wonder Video Graphics Card, SCSI CDR/CDRW burner,
2 SCSI scanners, Wacom Art Pad / light pen;

A Sony PCG-XG9 Notebook -- 500MHz PIII, 18GB , 128 RAM, DVD, and video graphics package

Plus other digital equipment, cameras, and musical equipment.